If I’ve never done CrossFit before, is it still right for me?

Like anything that’s new, there’s typically a learning curve before you feel completely confident and get the hang of it. To shorten this learning curve we provides specific goal based workout programs, with multiple tiers in every class. This allows us to adapt for someone’s first day, as well as handling our competitive athletes, in the same class. Our detailed coaching will ensure you receive the right workout intensity, skill practice, and environment needed to reach your next level of fitness.

How do I get a feel for the gym before I sign up?

We believe that our program offers a unique service and in order to understand if you’re a good fit to join, we take each interested athlete through a complimentary introductory session. We’ll cover our approach to training, what to expect as a new member, you’ll tour our facility and see our equipment, and learn more about our memberships and pricing.

I’m a female, will I get big and bulky doing CrossFit?

With a clean diet and balanced training that includes a variety of body weight movements, weightlifting, and cardio exercises will make you lean, athletic and fit! Big and bulky would take advanced and specific training (i.e. very, very difficult to do).

I’m a guy and I simply want to be muscular and ripped. CrossFit looks like a bunch of cardio, can it get me there?

If you train smart, follow our weightlifting protocols and eat sound nutrition then yes, we can help you attain the “ripped and muscular” physique you desire. We incorporate a variety of weight training and gymnastic movements. If you commit 100% you’ll not only have the physique you want, but the fitness to back it up.

Can I get enough attention in a group setting?

Yes! Our coaching staff is specially trained to handle large groups of people. Generally, most classes are between 8-14 people per class, so you will have the attention you need in order to have a safe and successful workout.

I’ve heard CrossFit is dangerous and my doctor/therapist says I should avoid it because I’ve been prone to injury in the past… is this true?

All physical training programs come with the risk of injury. That being said, CrossFit is no more dangerous than any other fitness routine. Our number one priority is to help you understand that fitness is a Journey, a life long journey. Injuring yourself is counterproductive to this. That’s why you can trust us to always have an experienced coach instructing proper lifting mechanics and monitoring workout intensity!

How do I get started?

Your first step is to schedule your complimentary Intro appointment HERE.  This 1 hour session will answer all your questions, give you an in depth understanding of why we do what we do… and you will get to tackle your first CrossFit WOD (workout of the day)!

What should I wear to workout?

Wear comfortable clothes that you can move freely in, and shoes that are lightweight/flat for running and lifting weights. We also recommend you bring a water bottle!

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