Membership Policies

Below are our current membership policies.  If at any point you require any membership changes (i.e. upgrades, cancellations, holds) please contact our staff
Duluth: or by calling at 218.461.8011
Lino Lakes: or by calling 651.243.1115


-All members must sign in at the front desk (FD) prior to any scheduled class, private training session, or special event. 
-To speed the check in process, we ask everyone to reserve their spot ahead of class time, then to check in via the main computer upon arrival.
-Please note that we have a 5 minute grace period for class attendance. Any member arriving over 5 minutes late will only be permitted at the coach’s discretion.


-Membership upgrades can occur at any time.  Upgrades requested during the current membership month will NOT be assessed a fee to offset any difference between membership rates.  No fee will be assessed for upgrades requested to begin at the start of the next membership month.


-Aerial Athletics will honor membership holds/suspensions of one week or more, provided that staff is notified at least 3 days in advance. All requests for membership holds and/or cancellations must be submitted via email to our staff with at least 3 days notice.
-Periods of suspension will extend the member’s current billing cycle by the total number of days absent, resulting in no financial loss for planned timed away.
-Due to injury or significant life events, Memberships can be placed on hold for up to 60 days. The membership will automatically be reinstated after that unless the member contacts us within 3 days from the end of the hold.
-Common short term holds: injuries, 1 week+ vacations, severe sickness, students back home during break.


-Members looking to cancel prior to their Month to Month membership renewal must notify Aerial Athletics staff at least 30 days prior the bill due date.
-Aerial Athletics will not provide refunds retroactively for any cancellation requests.
-Deleting your payment information from Zen Planner does not cancel your membership.  Membership cancellations are only processed by contacting FT Staff (contact info above)


-Recurring memberships and punch cards cannot be shared or transferred among members.
-With the exception of our CrossFit Kids & Team programs and personal training sessions, you must be at least 18 years old to participate in Aerial Athletics classes unless accompanied by a legal guardian (in class with them)


Aerial Athletics prides itself on being a kid- and dog-friendly gym. In the interest of keeping everyone as safe and focused on their fitness as possible, we’ve updated our policies regarding our favorite tiny humans and creatures. If you have a child or dog, please review these policies.

Aerial Athletics Kids Policies:
-No free roaming kids are allowed on the gym floor
*Car seats, strollers, and pens are allowed as long as they are out of the way and incapable of leaving the area*
-Coaches are not responsible for attending to kids needs.
-Kids must be able to sit in the lounge area unattended, which means they are not a distraction to others, and are not a danger to themselves or others.
-Kids should not be in the way of group class (i.e., when a class is running in and out of the gym).
-The coaching staff is not responsible for your kids.
-No kids are allowed behind the front desk.

Aerial Athletics Dogs Policies:
-Dogs that bark, whine, jump, or bite are not allowed at the gym.
-Dogs must be on leash at all times and must be tied up out of the way of the entry and classes.
-We reserve the right to ask you to remove a disruptive dog.
-We have a zero-tolerance policy regarding messes and accidents. If your dog defecates or urinates in the gym, we must ask you not to bring it back.
-The coaching staff is not responsible for your dog.
-Dogs are not allowed behind the front desk.
-Dogs are not allowed on the gym floor.
-Dogs are not allowed on the couches/furniture.


  • Humility/Can We Help
    -No staff is too good to do the little things. It may not be our job or area of expertise,  but if it’s within the scope of our practice, if the client needs something, we will do our best to assist or direct to the person who can.
  • Relationships
    -We want Aerial to be your second home.  Your family. We may not know everyone on the same level, but we will know you better than most
  • Integrity
    -When noone is looking, do we make the same decisions as we would when clients or co-workers are present? Always doing what you said you were going to do. Never talking bad about someone or the gym behind their back
  • Safety
    -The client may not always be right, but they will be safe.  We pride ourselves on proper learning progressions as well as pushing back when they athletes are not ready.
  • Clear expectations
    -Fairness across the board.  If it has a black/white rule.  Do not push, bend, or break the rules.  Respect the rules and those who are following them.
  • Empathy
    -Put yourself in their shoes?  What got them to this point? What influenced their reasoning?
  • Fun
    -Be someone you would want to sit around a campfire and have a drink with?


-Be willing to invest their time and money
-Be coachable
-Have a S.M.A.R.T. Goal
-Value Aerial’s knowledge and guidance
-Be willing to be part of the Aerial Community

-Run Safe, Organized and Efficient Classes
-Be empathetic
-Encourage, Motivate, and Inspire in their own way
-Apply their knowledge unbiasedly to every athlete
-Value the members time
-Uphold all Aerial Rules and Values

Not adhering to any of these CORE VALUES or CODE OF CONDUCT will be met with a conversation between FT staff and the member.  If things continue to arise, we will recommend seeking a membership elsewhere. We are very committed to making this a safe, fun, valuable place for everyone.

Any questions? Contact Us!