Caffeine: How much is too much!?

What’s the buzz about Caffeine???

Caffeine is one of the most used supplements in the world. It is the first thing some people will consume in the morning to help start their workday or start their training session. Some of you might swear by your cup of joe and feel like you can’t function without it.

What exactly is caffeine you ask? It is a natural stimulant found in many different products that you may find yourself consuming on most days – energy drinks, soda, tea, pre-workout drinks, and of course COFFEE. It works by stimulating your central nervous system, helping you stay awake, and delay/prevent the onset of tiredness.

It is quickly absorbed into the bloodstream once consumed and is broken down in the liver to be used in various organs, mainly the brain. Adrenaline levels and increased brain activity result, helping you stay awake, alert, and ready for anything.

Caffeine has been widely tested and has been shown to improve speed, power, and endurance in athletes. But can too much be harmful to our well-being?

Matt, tell me what’s the pros about caffeine pretty please??

  • Can improve performance during workouts and competition
  • Regular but moderate use can help reduce risk of developing cardiovascular disease, type-2 diabetes, Parkinson’s disease, and stroke as well as boost long-term memory.
  • Can increase fat utilization during and after exercise.
  • Can make you less tired!

Matt, those are great, but what other things do I need to worry about? What are some cons of caffeine?

  • Too much caffeine can make you restless, irritable, and throw your cardiac rhythm out of sorts
  • Excessive consumption can lead to dehydration
  • Promotes headaches, migraines, high blood pressure, and anxiety

Where you need to be careful is how much caffeine you are ingesting. Having more than 500-600mg of caffeine a day can lead to some of the adverse effects described above. The effects also tend to vary person to person depending on bodyweight, lifestyle factors, genetic characteristics, and caffeine tolerance. Consuming between 100-300mg a day is recommended as a moderate dose and is enough to see the health benefits.

Hydration is key to avoiding some of the adverse effects. It is recommended that you drink 1 cup of water for every cup of coffee to make up for the diuretic effect of caffeine. All the more reason to drink more water!!!

To wrap up, caffeine is a wonderful and amazing thing. It gets you out of bed and gets your day started. But moderation is key, just like everything else in the world. So go ahead and enjoy your caffeine, just in moderation!

  • Coach Matt

Matt Kaitchuck

Coach/OnBoarding Specialist