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Regular CrossFit Class is for GPP!

GPP = General Physical Preparedness.
Being capable at LIFE. This is how we program for regular class.

So, you are doing regular CrossFit classes and you are disappointed that your Back Squat has not gone from 200 to 400 in a year!!! OMGosh, how could this happen?
Let's dive in...

First, are you going to get stronger doing CrossFit? Of course.
At least most of you. If you are coming from Powerlifting, Strongman, Figure....maybe not, your gains will look and feel like...Cardio! I know I know, wipe the tears away....I'll wait.
Almost everyone else, you can expect to see them "gainz" because your body is primed to make some progress.

Now let's set some expectations for our already mentioned "gainz".
We want you to be capable of doing anything you want!
CrossFit, years ago talked about a "hopper" method is still the best scenario...

We have 3 athletes:
1) Lance Armstrong
2) Hafthor Bjornsson (Thor, the "Mountain") and
3) Rich Froning
If you pull random events out of a Bingo hopper, who is going to have the best average results?

Event 1: 5k run - results 1) Lance 2) Rich 3) Thor
Event 2: Max Deadlift - results 1) Thor 2) Rich 2) Lance
Event 3: Most Pull ups in 2min - results 1) Rich 2) Lance 3) Thor
Event 4: Most Back Squats at Bodyweight in 6min - results 1) Rich 2) Tie....maybe

You get the idea. Rich wins the overall. Weird right?

What does that mean for now, for today, for normal life?
It means you can shovel your driveway.
Your knees don't hurt hiking.
You can pick up your toddler to put into the high chair.
Spend all day skiing without quitting early.
It means you can help your friend move and carry the heavy junk.  
It means you can still kick butt at your rec league *insert sport here*.

It means you can carry yourself with confidence.  
It means you don't have a dad bod at the age society expects you to have one.
It means you can keep up your kids when they are young... and still be able to when they are a senior in HS.

It means you are healthy!

If you are only worried about your Back Squat PR, try Powerlifting. If you are only worried about physique, try Bodybuilding.
Unfortunately, if done incorrectly, those worlds can venture into being unhealthy.

Ryan and Ariel

Ryan King

Owner / Coach