Double Under Wonder!

After writing about shoes, we got to thinking..."what else do people buy right away when joining a gym?".

Top 3 list:

  • Shoes
  • Jump Rope
  • Clothes? Wrist wraps? Bag? Knee sleeves? Headbands? Pre-workout?

Ok, so maybe it's tough to narrow it down but Jump Ropes are still near the top. It's a fun, cheaper, gift to yourself for embarking on this new fitness journey!

There are a few things to consider when buying: weight of the rope, it's length, the handles, and quality.
I know this because had I known some of these details when I first began, I could have mastered Double Unders (DU's) faster and with fewer whip marks!


By far the most important aspect of the rope, when beginning, is the weight of the rope itself.

Every company I have bought from has multiple rope or cable options. Some even include the old school beaded ropes from our elementary school days. Those are not what we are talking about.

For the most part, companies use a coated cable. The thicker the cable, the heavier the rope.

RX Smart Gear Rope Options

Which one do you pick? Good question.
From the picture, Zeus and Beast would not be necessary. Too heavy is not fun either.

"Buff" would be a good starting point when first learning (I also believe this is the weight of our gym ropes). From there you could progress through all of them (buying the cable is the cheap part at approx. $10 per), or wear one out completely and jump ahead if you feel confident.

Now, this is just one company option for cables. Each website will explain their options and weight.
When in doubt, ask a coach. We have likely tried or owned one of the options you are looking at.


It's "hold on and spin" right? Not exactly.
There are long handles, short, contoured, smooth, textured, etc.

Handles are like shoes...you will like what you like. But there are a few small things that make a difference.

For instance:
Beginners - Long handles are better. It is tough to explain via writing, but they allow a bit more control as you learn.

The contour or shape. The RX ropes, mentioned above have awesome handles. They fit perfectly in your hand, with obvious placement for your thumb and index finger. This allows you to feel the centrifugal force and maintain better control.

It doesn't seem like much but it would be prudent to test our gym ropes to see what you like best. We have both.


This may be a tricky subject, especially if you (or I) have cut your rope too short in the past. Everything here depends on hand placement. There is no one size fits all rope measuring system.

A general rule of thumb = put the center of your rope under 1 foot, hold both handles in one hand. The end of the handles (not the cable itself) should reach to between the armpit and top of your shoulder directly above said armpit.

The more adept you become at whipping this torture device around your body, the shorter the rope can/will become. More control allows you to shorten the rope, allowing it to spin faster.

RX Smart Gear Ropes send you a pre-cut rope.  They add 3ft to your height and call it a day. One of the reasons I do NOT recommend them, but you can test with the gym ropes to ensure buying the correct length.
Everyone else (pretty much) sends you excess cable for you to adjust yourself.

The Who's Who

Obviously, there are numerous Jump Rope makers but I will stick to the few we see most often.
RX, JumpnRope, RPM, and Rogue.

RPM = Fastest, $$$ ($65-80)
RPM is one of the best.
They have super light-weight, precision machined diamond knurled handles. Ropes come coated, bare cable, or Scout Cable (heavier).

JumpnRope = Best Bang for Buck. Long handles available, $ ($35)
JumpnRope is my go-to. They start at $35 and work nearly as well as the RPM. The handles are simple plastic but come in a long or short version. They have the R1.0, R1.5, and R2.5. A higher number equals heavier cable.

RX SmartGear = Comfiest handles, most cable options, $$ ($46-$125)
The $125 version is their Evo Speed Rope. Never tried it.
Their normal rope is the $46 version I have been talking about the most. They have 25 different handle color options, as well as many different cable colors. Remember, these ropes come at a specific length and are unchangeable.

Rogue = Multiple options. $ to $$ ($17.50 to $85)
Rogue has their own ropes, the SR series, the E-Grip, and the PRO. You can get short or long handles, plastic or metal. Plenty of options.
I have not used many of these, but they all seem to last and hold up as well as any other.

Whatever you decide, we can help you get it set to the right length. Remember, heavier cable and longer handles help when first learning.

Ryan King

Owner / Coach