Everyone knows

There is a big difference between scaling the reps appropriately and not doing what's on the board to get a better score.

The people around you know.
They are not mad, but they are disappointed....high school flashbacks with parents anyone??

Now, I've read Cheating blogs about how doing this goes against the gyms core values and they may "Fire" a client over it without seeing change.
That is not our approach, but I believe it comes down to the perception in their head.

We think most people are simply doing this because they think it will affect how people view them. They are right, but it's backfiring.

You have to understand that your status in the gym has nothing to do with your scores.
Why are you worried about "status" anyways? Health people, health!

You have to understand that we want you to succeed but also keep your integrity with us and other athletes.
You are shooting yourself in the foot. They care more about trusting you than whatever arbitrary score you get.

This is where you have to take a step back and think about what triggers the need to shave reps?

What thoughts are going through your head when it happens?
-"oh man, Stacy is catching up...I can't let her beat me"....well, she knows you only did 12 reps instead of 15...and so do the coaches and likely everyone else.

-People think "I am a really good athlete and I can not let that change. I can not go slower or lighter. I must maintain this status"

-"I do NOT want to be the last one done and have everyone looking at me"

What's a worse reputation in your mind? Rep cutter or your how fast you are(n't)?
News flash, no one cares about your ability?

We also are not talking about accidentally doing 14 instead of 15.
We are also not talking about purposely doing less reps because it is appropriate for your ability.

But trust me when I say that it will be eye-opening when you purposely tell coach or your gym buddy "Nah, I'm going with the 135 today (instead of the 185 on the board)", then either following up with "I'm just not feeling it today and want to stay safe", or "I'm not great at shoulder to overhead, gotta keep my ego in check".

You get the idea. Prove to them and everyone else that you understand when and where to push. That you can smartly dive into a workout, do all the reps, and still be proud of how you did....also knowing you did all of it.

We are proud if you crush a workout....but if you cheat, peoples opinion of you will change and not for the better.

Change your understanding, change your mindset.


It's you vs you. Not you vs class.

Ryan King

Owner / Coach