Falling off the wagon

First, hopefully, you are at a gym that cares enough to reach out when you fall off the wagon. Not just an automated email or text, but a personal one as well. We try to do both. It's part of our job to check-in.

I believe there are many things that get in your heads and keep you from coming back through the door...

You came in and started strong, talked with a coach about your goals, made it to class consistently for a little bit and then something happened! Life slapped you in the face in the form of....a vehicle repair, the flu, a project at work that was wayyyy more than you expected.

Something happened and you missed a few days. You came back but it wasn't with the same intensity and commitment. Your routine was changed and you were never able to recover...

You came in to get started with us and even with the excitement, tools, emails, and check-ins...you were never able to make the gym a routine. Coming in never made it to the top of your priority list even though you desperately wanted it to!

With either scenario, you feel bad. You feel like you let the coaches down, let your friends down, let yourself down. It is easier to just get the other crap done during the day and move on. You are still paying, but the thought of showing up again gives you anxiety.

Sound familiar?

So that covers Embarrassment and Anxiety? Sprinkle in some disappointment and anger and a few other words that fall in the same category.

Either way, here is what you need to know from our mindset:

We are not upset.
We are not going to roll our eyes and think "Here we go again" if you come back in.
We are not disappointed that you fell off, we are disappointed that you didn't get back on! EVERYONE falls off at some point!

Why would we keep reaching out if we did not want you here?

Alright, so how do we help try to avoid this in the future?

Step 1: Set a goal
This can be anything. It could simply be to make it to the gym 3 times a week for XX months? Get a pull-up. Get 10 Push-ups on the toes. Run a 5k.  Lose 3% body fat. ANYTHING!

Step 2: Plan your day
Many of you have a handle on keeping your schedule organized, but are you organizing by priorities first?
Timeblock! If you have been with us for a while, you know what timeblocking is. Simply put, it's literally drawing out your schedule. Start with the major things, the unchangeable things. Then fill in the rest of the time from there. Like this:

We know there are a lot of tasks to add to this project, but if working on yourself/the gym is not one of them, then no wonder you are not hitting your goals. This will also change every so often. If you feel like things are a mess, redo this!

Step 3: Talk to your coach!
We are your resource! Send us questions. Ask us anything. Tell us when things are funky, when you are sick, when you need an at-home workout. Take advantage of us! It's kind of what we do! We will answer the questions and help you stay accountable.

Now get back in here!

Ryan King

Owner / Coach