Fit for Life

Fit for Life.

Our main goal here at Aerial Athletics is to get you fit for life.

We create our workouts with the intention of helping you conquer tasks that occur in your day to day lives. These things include picking up your kids, carrying your groceries, hauling kayaks, clearing brush, or even simply being able to walk up the stairs without breathing too hard.

Lifting weights can be an intimidating thing. It really is a necessity, as not only does it help make your muscles stronger, but it also helps build stronger bones! Calcium helps, yes, but the science shows that compound movements are what works best. Movements like squats and deadlifts, along with plyometrics, such as box jumps and jumping rope, help build a strong skeleton that is more resilient to breaks.

I’m sure many of you can attest that attempting to pick up a 35-lb. squirmy child is much harder than trying to lift a 35-lb. barbell. Having proper form and technique in the gym will have a great carryover effect on the real-world lifting, carrying, and running that you may find yourself doing. Progressively adding weight or intensity over time will help even more.

Getting fit for life also means getting fit for the REST of your life. Fitness is not just for the young. The argument can be made that the older you get, the more that you in fact need fitness. As you age, you lose muscle mass, due to a fun thing called sarcopenia. We can counteract this issue by lifting weights, doing plyometrics, and performing cardio.

I think that each of us wants to be a capable and functional human being. In order to be capable, your workouts should mimic what you are doing in the real world. Those workouts should be scalable to any age or level of ability so that you can continue with your routine for years to come and befit for life.

- Coach Matt

Matt Kaitchuck

Coach/OnBoarding Specialist