Matt the Intern!

Hi everybody! My name is Matt Kaitchuck (and Ryan cant get my pictrure straight)

I am from a small town in Northern Wisconsin called Eagle River. I am currently attending UMD and I'm pursuing a degree in Exercise Science.

I am interested in focusing on a career in strength and conditioning or personal training. I have a strong passion for the fitness and health industry and I want to make an impact in some way.

I am interning here at Aerial to gain experience in a gym setting. Growing up, I spent almost all of my time playing hockey and after high school, I played 2 years of junior hockey in Iowa. I stopped playing hockey competitively because of concussion issues and also to focus on getting an education.

Some of my interests are hockey, working out, watching sports, and going on hikes. I am completely new to CrossFit and don’t know much about it but I’m eager to learn more about it! I am very excited about this opportunity and look forward to meeting you all! If you see me around, come say hi!

Q & A:
Favorite Movie - Step Brothers

Fav CF movement - Snatches

Least Fav - Double Unders

Fav Food - Tacos

Favorite thing about Duluth - Hike anywhere!

Hobbies - Crouquet! Golf. Working out.

3 Fun Facts -
1) Junior Hockey with North Iowa Bulls
2) never done CF till coming here
3) Sold the most popcorn for a Boy Scouts fundraiser 1 year
4) My Grandpa owned a recording studio that recorded one of McDonalds first advertisements

Fav Quote - "Quitters never win and Winners never quit"

Stranded on and island with what Coach? - "Not Seth"

Plans after Graduation? - I just passed my ACSM, so something in Personal Training or Strength and Conditioning.

Ryan King

Owner / Coach