Our most under-utilized Supplement: Sleep

Have you honestly gotten normal sleep during this Covid time?
I really do hope so.
If not, we have done a few videos and post about sleep...here are some of the reminders!

Lack of Sleep!

It might be the single biggest determining factor contributing to lack of results, energy, etc.

Where do you begin?

First, set yourself up for success. Then track it. Then possibly, aid it.


Simple changes video

Summary = Room should be:

1) dark

2) cool

3) white noise

4) routine

#'s 1-3 help with the setting, #4 however, can be the make or break.
Why? Simple...sleep issues can be narrowed down to either a) not falling asleep or b) not staying asleep.

The tracking discussed below can show the later, but a good routine with journaling to put your mind at ease may be the most beneficial to help with both. Have a plan and stick to it to put your mind at ease = should sleep better.

Tracking Sleep Quality

There are a few options here, some more accurate than others.

Free options:

"Sleep Cycle" app - this is a free app that tracks based on either sound or movement. You enter how rested you feel on a Red, White, Green (tired, neither, rested) scale.

This would be the least accurate way, but is a free start to begin to get some info. Not sure how it reacts to your partner, house noises, kids, pets, etc.

Paid Options:

Use your fitness tracker or smartwatch. Pick your poison...Fitbit, Whoop, Polar, Apple, Garmin, Samsung, etc.  All of these have some sort of sleep tracker.

Although wrist monitoring is less accurate then a chest strap, it should be relatively consistent and give you a pretty good baseline.

There is too much to cover here, but worst case scenario...you should be able to tell if you slept well the night before.  You can usually feel it!

Then what?

Well, if you have data you can begin to correct the issues you find. This can take some trial and error.
Maybe you need to stay away from the TV or Phone, maybe you need to journal to get all of your thoughts on paper instead of letting them keep you up.

Get a routine set and then stick to it!

Are there other things that can keep you up? Sure! Everything from poor nutrition choices, soreness, injured, improper mattress or pillow for your body, etc., can keep you up or wake you up.

Little things to help

  • Know your body: no caffeine within 8 hours of sleep, no high sugar before bed, proper hydration throughout the day so you do not have to slam a large glass of water before bed.
  • Soreness:  if you are sore - take a rest day!!! CrossFit gets a bad rap for high intensity all the time. Listen to your body and rest when needed, or do low intensity, long and slow, or work isolation movements on un-sore areas.
  • Injuries: this is challenging, there may be no perfectly comfortable position. Try to sleep on your back. Sleeping on your side? May need a pillow between your knees to help the knees/hips/back.
  • Mattress or pillows: if you can not lay still for 1 minute without adjusting - may need a new/different mattress.
  • Supplements - trick question. You should not be downing Melatonin and Nyquil to get some sleep. BUT, there is a number of nighttime Tea's, some containing Magnesium, which will help. A simple google search can help you find one.

At the end of the day, we believe (although there are plenty of little things) you can clear your mind and get a good nights sleep without the aid of medicine, sleep supplements, drugs, etc. Set yourself up for success with the proper atmosphere, have a routine, and journal to unload your mind.

Coach Ryan

Ryan King

Owner / Coach