Thanks is Not Enough

Thank you!

Where do I even begin?

To think back about where we started to the community, family, facility we are today....

To think about what the focus was, what the workouts were like, coaching all the classes myself…

The time spent between classes (not really doing anything)...

The DUST everywhere from the dirt parking lot…

To now! Over the years, I learned how naive I was and knew I had to do better for all of you.  Programs, systems, plans, help, advice, understanding.

It was your awesome smiling faces that pushed me to get better.  To learn more. 
It was your hard work and dedication that I had to match.  
If you were willing to grind it out, to be a better version of yourself, then so was I.

I have learned so much over the years, from so many people!  I could write an entire Thank You to those closest to me, but this is for everyone!

There have been plenty of you willing to share your ideas, lend a hand when possible, volunteer for events, help with remodeling, cook food for potlucks, let me borrow tools I did not have...and countless other things.

We do this for you,
but it could never have done it without you!

Ryan King

Owner / Coach