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The people you workout with

Listen, we know schedules can be crazy. You may only have one choice of class time you are able to attend.

In that class, who is it you are trying to keep up with? Who are you trying to beat?
If your answer is "No one, I'm just here to....", that is great! You have taken the ego out of the equation and should be going at a level you know you can safely do.
You have read our "Intensity" post and get it.

Assuming you are training properly or trying, the people you are watching out of the corner of your eye do have an effect on your workout.

If you are in a class of "Fire Breathers"....the top dogs, the comp athletes....or anyone at a significantly higher level then you and you are trying to keep up, it probably is not going to be a good day.
You are most likely trying to do things either too fast, too heavy, or throwing all form and safety out the window in order to have a score close to theirs.

Bad idea.

The best option is to find someone at the same level or slightly ahead of where you are.
You should not always be losing to them. You deserve your "Wins" too. In this world, there will always be workouts that match your skills, and others that do not.

Because then you are less likely go too heavy, too fast, sacrificing form and risking injury.
As we mentioned in the Intensity blog, this will actually help you progress faster than trying to keep up with those at a higher level.
You will get there!

Chances are you know someone in an earlier class who is at a similar level to you. Find their score and use it as your benchmark.
P.S. if you are only concerned with the score on the board, you are here for the wrong reasons. We are all about making you better, but there is a proper way to do it. Listen to your coaches! *end PSA*

What if you are the top athlete in class?
Well, that's part of why we write our scores on the board still. Unless it's a benchmark or test, they are not to brag. They are to inform.
It is also your opportunity to set a good example. Pick appropriate weights for you to finish the workout as intended. Be the leader.

In summary - appropriately chase someone just ahead of you in order to make progress faster.

Ryan King

Owner / Coach