Tips for staying on Track

  • Set an alarm and wake up at the same time, daily

Your body likes routine, this will help you stay on track and continue to feel healthy

  • Plan workouts and workout times for the entire week

Monday, Wednesday, Friday at 7am

Tell someone about your workout commitment; a coach, spouse, friend, workout buddy and ask them to help keep you accountable

If you have kids, try doing your workouts before they wake up or after they go to bed OR have them workout with you

Minimize distractions in your workout space (phone, tv, laundry)

  • Create a food menu for the week and stick to it

Be intentional about grocery store purchases, plan for your weekly menu, minimize items outside of that

Stock up on frozen fruits and veggies

  • Be intentional about your meals/snacks

Sit down at the kitchen/dining room table

No screens while eating (TV, Cellphone, Computer)

Limit distractions; work, phone calls, laundry

Measure/Count out portion sizes, don’t eat from a bag/box

Eat with your family/kids

Take time to chew and enjoy your food

If you’re going to have treats, limit the number per week and be intentional about it. Turn sundays into a fun day for everyone to have ice cream/Donuts/girl scout together.

  • Schedule time for yourself, everyday, where you can de-stress without distractions

If you have kids, set up a quiet time for them or set aside time for yourself while they nap or after they go to bed

Go for a walk

Read a book




  • Connect with Friends and Family, social distance, not social isolation

Use Zoom, facetime, google hangout, phone calls

Meet a friend for a walk/run/bike ride (6 feet apart)

  • Make daily checklists of things you are going to do. You get endorphins when you complete tasks/check boxes. 

Start small, clean out hall closet (check), sweep garage (check)

Use a mix of things you enjoy and things that NEED to get done

  • Go to bed at the same time every night

Again, your body likes routine (circadian rhythm), try to stick to a consistent bedtime, within a half hour every night.

Try not to binge watch TV before bed, there will be plenty of time to “finish” a season during the lockdown

If you need help with any of this, reach out to your coach, we would LOVE to help!!

Ariel Jauss

GM / Head Coach