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What are RX standards?

This topic has moved from opinion to fact in the CrossFit world.

Previous opinion (athletes and some coaches):
RX = doing the prescribed weights and standards, no matter the time or score.  It was RX if you did it as it was written.

Updated Fact (or how it should have been all along):
RX = doing the weights, standards, AND doing the workout as it was intended.

Best example: "Fran" 21-15-9 Thrusters (95/65) and Pull Ups.
As long as you could do the RX weight and get your chin over the bar, it did not matter the time.

But! If it took you 15min...was it really RX?
Our answer = NO

Fran is meant to take 2:00m to 5:00m. Meant to be done unbroken throughout both movements. Meant to give you "Fran Lungs" by the end of it.

At Aerial, we go over the intention of the workout. Fran is not intended to be a slow grinder. It's not Murph, Filthy 50, etc.
If you are not hitting the desired effect of the workout, you are not doing it RX.

Why the heck are we even talking about this?
Too many people get hooked on doing it RX and end up going too heavy, too slow, risking injury, missing lifts, getting frustrated and not getting the results intended from the WOD.
They let their EGO get in the way of productive training.

We promise if you pick appropriate weights/movements during the WOD....you will make more and better progress.

Ryan King

Owner / Coach