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What's Your Excuse This Time?

Welcome to 2018 everyone!

The Holidays are behind us, no more out of the ordinary schedule, winter break is over for the kids, and we are done with the extravagant dinners.  Maybe you did an awesome job over the crazy Holiday season and made it into the gym the same as you always do, or maybe life got in the way (don’t worry it happens to all of us).  

We all get off track, but what excuses are you making for not getting back in the gym?

I don’t know about you all, but when I  think about why I am truly not making it to the gym here are my top 3 excuses I am letting myself use.  

1. I don’t have time!

We all have to work, feed our family, take care of our dogs, and get sleep at night.  But, we can’t do any of these things unless we take care of ourselves first.  

If you are letting yourself use this excuse, sit down and timeblock your day.  Put down the hours you are physically at work or driving the kids to and from daycare and school.  See what is left over then.  

We have classes in the morning, afternoon, and evening.  Is there a class that you could make?  
YES. So what is typically keeping you from that class?  How could you plan ahead in order to make it to the gym?  Talk to your partner to coordinate time in the evening, go to bed at an earlier time in order to get here in the morning, or simply make a commitment to yourself  that it is okay to make your gym time a priority.     

2. I will start on Monday!

What is so special about Monday?  
Monday is a hard enough day, why use it as a day to re-start going to the gym or starting a diet?
Start Now! Don’t let another day or meal go by making it harder to get back at it.  

3. Fear!

This is a harder one to admit to ourselves, but it is real and different for everyone.  

I’m afraid that it will be HARD!
I’m afraid I will FAIL!
I’m afraid that I’m not AS GOOD AS I USE TO BE!
I’m afraid that I’m MISSING OUT AT HOME!
I’m afraid that I’m going to get HURT!

It’s okay to be afraid, but know that we are here to support you, help you succeed, and keep you safe.  
Everyone has to start somewhere or pick up where they fell off, don’t let a little stumble be a fall off the mountain get back in here and continue to work towards a better you!

Coach Kyle

Kyle Achman

Coach - Duluth