Why Wednesday: Jennifer Wright

My Why?

In 2016 I watched my dad die from an illness caused my an unhealthy lifestyle. 2 months later, my nephews wife died at 34 of an illness caused by an unhealthy lifestyle. I realize both of these events affected me way more than my brain would allow me to process. 

Being a little of a hypochondriac, I dwell on these deaths, basically waiting for my turn.
Morbid? Yes. Realistic? not really.

I've never smoked, I've drank moderately, but my health always haunts me..Heart attacks run in our family, my dad had 3, my mom 1, and my very healthy brother had one at 51 years old while at the gym. (he survived, as did my mom)

My Why is wrapped up in mental health as well as physical. Going to classes helps me to see how strong I am, how much work I need to do, but that I can gain control of eating, being healthy and aging..

oh wait, aging...yeah, that is a big part of my why as well..pushing 50 has made me want to fight aging tooth and nail. To me its all about ability, strength, a healthy attitude as well as body, keeping my mind sharp as I learn new things, (keeping that Alzheimers away, you know). 

I am my Why.
My family is my why.
My dogs are my why.
The amazing people I work with are my why.
Being the best human I can be is my why.
Feeling my best is my why.