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Working out every day?

Why it’s important to “work out” every day.

“If it is important, do it every day.” – Dan Gable

When it comes to consistency, it has a lot of power. Humans are creatures of habit and we enjoy doing what is easy, simple, and what we are used to doing. You may have a typical routine and not even realize it. If there is one thing you should already have in your routine or add, it should be to “workout” or “move” every day. 

“But Coach Matt, don’t you always tell us it’s bad to work out every day and that you need to take x number of rest days per week?” and “Didn’t Ariel just write a blog about taking rest days?”

Yes, I do say that, and she did, but what I’m talking about, is not doing a METCON every day. That is pure insanity. 

What I am telling you all to do, is make the conscious decision to do something active every day.
If that means doing the class workout, awesome! If that means going for a run on the lake walk, super! If that means raking your yard, fantastic! It doesn’t have to be anything fancy or complex, involve a barbell, or be for a score.

If it’s for 5 min for 1 hour, as long as you are taking action and deciding to do something, that’s what we want to see. It will help you feel revitalized and better about yourself. 

Making movement a natural extension of your daily pattern will allow you to fit exercise into each day. You may find yourself reaching your goals sooner than expected!

It's also great for your mind, both for the endorphins of the workout plus the satisfaction of feeling productive. Do not underestimate this.

Some easy-to-add, default behaviors you can do:

  • Take the stairs, no matter what
  • If the drive is less than a mile, walk it
  • Listen to podcasts or audiobooks while on a walk or run
  • Park at the furthest parking spot (unless of course, you have small children lol)

Again, don’t interpret this as me telling you to grab some weights and do a gazillion reps every day (cause Ryan and Ariel might disagree with that sort of recommendation).

I want you all to be the healthiest versions of yourselves, and I want you all to create healthy habits that you can teach to your spouses, children, and friends.

When it comes to exercise, something is better than nothing. So, try to do “something” every day! 

If you have any questions about this topic, please let me know!

- Coach Matt

Matt Kaitchuck

Coach/OnBoarding Specialist