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Fun Facts

1. Brain consists of approximately 90% of water.
2. Blood consists of approximately 83% of water.
3. Muscles consist of approximately 75% of water.
4. Bones consist of approximately 20% of water.
5. Regulates body temperature.

Drinking Water

Everybody has heard it time and time again that you should be drinking more water, but how do you know how much is enough?  Typically the rule of thumb people use most is that you should drink eight glasses of water a day aka the 8x8 rule (approximately 8oz per glass).  

How many of us are actually drinking that?  Are you drinking more water on days that you are more active?  Ideally days that you are more active you up your water intake to help replace what your body is losing in sweat.  

What we like to use for our rule of thumb at Aerial Athletics, Co is to drink half your bodyweight in oz.  Example I weigh 235lbs, so I should be shooting for 117.5oz a day.  Typically I shoot for a gallon (128oz) because if you see me during or post workout it looks like I just got out of the shower!

But why should you be drinking more water?  How come I can’t just drink tea or coffee to help me reach my goals?  What exactly are the benefits of doing so?  Soft drinks, coffee, and tea are all made up of almost entirely water, but contain caffeine.  Caffeine acts as a mild diuretic, preventing the water from traveling to the necessary locations with the body.  Drinking water specifically is important; here are a few key benefits of doing so:

1. Weight Loss

By drinking water your organs are able to work more efficiently to help rid your body of toxins that can be causing you to retain weight.  Drinking enough water allows your body to flush your system of the by-products of fat breakdown and the toxins within your body.  Your body is also able to activate the fiber that you should be eating in your diet which will also help shed weight.  Water will also help your body in getting the vital nutrients and minerals that it needs into your blood, tissue, organs, and cells.

2. Organ Function

Most of the organs within your body are made up of mostly water.  Without the proper hydration your organs will try to steal water from other areas of your body (think skin and hair) to ensure proper function.  Every cell within your body needs water to ensure that it can run efficiently.  Let’s use the brain as an example.  Your brain is made up of approximately 90% water, without a proper water supply you brain cannot function efficiently leading to fatigue and/or headaches/migraines.  Fatigue, headaches, and muscle cramps can be one of the first signs of dehydration.

3. Appearance

Considering that dehydration can cause your organs to steal water from your skin, hair, fingernails, etc. you can see why making sure that you are getting enough water will help with your appearance.  Your skin will become healthy and glowing again, your hair will regain shine and fullness, while your finger nails will grow faster and stronger than before.  Drinking enough water can also help in clearing up your complexion!


Tips & Tricks

I find when I drink a glass of water after waking up that I am more likely to drink water throughout my day.  Make sure that you are staying hydrated throughout the day by carrying a water bottle with you and filling it back up as soon as it gets low or empty to ensure that you always have water with you.  Download a water tracking app or find a solution that works for you and tracking your intake.  You can try setting drink times as well, such as waking up, before breakfast, midmorning, etc. or every hour try to drink half a glass (think of it like a EMOM, just on the hour).

What Works For Me

The past month or so my wife and I have been using the ‘Hidrate Spark 2.0’ water bottle to make sure that we are getting all the water we need.  It tracks water intake automatically by pairing with your phone on the ‘Hidrate App’.  You can set glow reminders to remind you throughout the day to drink water or as you fall behind of your goal water intake.  Yes it actually glows, pretty cool stuff!!  Plus you will get fun reminders sent to your phone as well for motivation.  

Best part of it?  When your app is synced with your Facebook account you can keep an eye on your friend’s progress throughout the day.  It turns drinking water into a fun game by stacking you up against your friends!  Just ask Taylor, her water intake use to be non-existent before we started using the Spark.  Now that we can follow each other’s progress she’s been drinking more water to try and keep up with me.

If you are interested in getting your own ‘Hidrate Spark’ water bottle you can do so here: Hidrate Spark 2.0.  Currently until February 7, 2018 you can save 10% by using the code ‘Jordan10’ with your purchase.

Jordan Walling

Coach - duluth