Gym Benefits - Beyond Getting Jacked

When Kinger and Ellen stated that we as coaches would be writing blogs throughout the year; I smirked. Are you sure you want Mr. No Creativity to articulate something for others to read? 

Of course, I was wrong in my reaction to writing as it has been fun writing stream of conscious thoughts on subjects I recognize.
So when I saw the title of this month’s blog assigned to me, it resonated profoundly.
"Why Coming to the gym ISN’T just about getting stronger…the benefits of having fun and being surrounded by our community”.

This was something I could get behind.
It was the objective 5 years ago when I walked into my first one-on-one workout with Ryan King.

I’m not going to dive into a long soliloquy but recount the reasons I came and have would never leave.


No question. If you put the time into following structured programming from certified trainers, you are going to get stronger. This is nothing new. Hard work and dedication will lead to increased strength if following protocol aimed for your betterment. 

I think where CrossFit Gyms or better said Communities strive is that they provide so much more than fitness. 

From my own experience, the community provides me a sense of competition. Having played a lot of hockey throughout my life; I’m wired to compete in EVERYTHING. If you asked my wife, she would say EVERYTHING. I love the feeling of coming to the gym and giving it my all with our community. It’s a chance for our collective group to harness the fitness byproduct while trying to post a number. 

Don’t kid yourself, we all want to see where Kyle finished. Ha. And we all dream of a day where we could beat him (you heard me say DREAM, right?).


I cherish the 90 minutes or so I get to spend with the community on a daily basis to see what is going on with other’s lives.

Sometimes we get so wrapped into ourselves that we don’t’ step away to listen.
To really hear what our fellow community members are going through.
To understand where a fellow member could use some help.
If nothing else, letting our fellow members blow off some steam.

Sure I come to the gym to get that one hour a day to work on me, but more importantly I believe I come to gym to be a part of my fellow gym members lives. I want to participate in their day whether it be coaching, working out or ribbing an athlete. 

Aerial has been an important part of my life. 

I am stronger, as my fellow members lift me up.
I am stronger because I have a whole community behind me.

Certainly worth the price of admission.

Ryan Coole

Coach - duluth