How to create your new Routine?

We recently posted how having a routine is 100% necessary during this COVID pandemic.

After a week and a half (when we posted this), you probably have some sort of a plan started. If not, listen up. If so and it's not perfect, read up and see if these tools can help.

But be sure, having order amongst chaos is crucial.

First step

Have a family meeting.Be reassuring but also be honest with what each of you NEEDs during this time. Things like uninterrupted work time. Chore time for kids. When meals will be. Etc.


Take notes from the team meeting and then brain dump! Get everything written down that needs to be done each day.No order necessary yet, that will be next.Take this time to also think of ideas of how to change up your routine...maybe family time was missing with your previous schedule, this would be a great time to make sure this is moved up the priority list.

Step Three

Like we have done with many of you before, time to TimeBlock. Your goal here is to layout the entire day.*Make this visible! Posted on the fridge, use a big whiteboard, something to keep it in front of the entire family. More on this to come*

Begin with the biggest priorities. Are you still working from home? Do you now have to have "class" for your kids?

After the major tasks are laid out and set to a specific time, add in the next layer of task:- chore time- workout time- family time- mealtime*no particular order

Absolutely do NOT skip at mealtime! Whether you live alone or have the entire family to feed, make sure you dedicate time to eat to avoid grazing and other unhealthy habits. *another blog on this coming*

Step Four

Creating your schedule physically for all to see. Family or individual, you need a hard copy visible and in front of you.Whiteboards allow for easy revisions. Create checkbox's for kids for when they get a chore or homework done. They could also have their own physical list, their own schedule.Use visual aids for children not reading yet. Find stickers to use when tasks are completed (for kids or adults, we won't judge)

Step Five

Stick to it!

Remember, just because you have a routine, does not mean you can not have fun, still enjoy some downtime, still take a short nap even!

All a sudden, it feels like there are more hours in the day. Be productive with your "work" time and it will allow you to still make the best of the rest of the time!

Ryan King

Owner / Coach