I'm too sore to play with my kids!

If it's the day after your workout and you can't walk up and down the stairs properly, or you can't go play with your kids.....you are doing it wrong!

Let's clear up some minor things with this topic...these are some minor exceptions:

  • You are just getting started or coming back (obviously going to be a bit more sore than normal)
  • We just did a named workout: Fran, Karen, Cindy. Something you put a bit more effort into. (notice how we do not do those very often)
  • We did lunges! These should be studied. Seems everyone is sore after lunges!

Okay, so we all get it now. There is a time and place for higher intensity but putting in too much, every day, will only lead to a crash and burn.

First, let's talk about soreness levels (briefly and definitely not scientifically)

  1. Normal, "I did a workout" sore. Found some new muscles you didn't know you had. Worked something we haven't done in a bit.
  2. Sore, "Achy when I get out of bed" sore. Pushed a bit harder than normal. Maybe a named workout or Open workout.
  3. Really sore, "I shouldn't have done that" sore. Maybe after a competition weekend for those who have been there. Mostly the I did too much, too heavy, and did not recovery properly, soreness.
  4. D.O.M.S. = Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness. Comes on about 24-36 hours later. Muscles literally do not want to move, intense sheer pain when they do. Not fun by the way!
  5. Rhabdo, urine looks like Coca Cola = Go to the hospital immediately. No...really!

Anything over a 2 should NOT be your norm. Obviously not a 4 or 5.

Why does this happen? Mostly ego to be honest.

You need to remember why you came to the gym in the first place. It was not to make it to the CrossFit games. It was to be a better version of yourself.

The ego is what's telling you to go a bit heavier. To sacrifice form to go a bit faster. To short the range of motion to keep up with the person half your age that is next to you.

Stop fighting for the best score on the board at the expense of safety and form.
You would honestly get fitter, faster, if you listened to our recommendations.

Another aspect is your recovery.

If you are not recovering well enough, it will lead to adrenal fatigue which is the aforementioned 'crash and burn".
This is why we advocate for proper sleep, proper nutrition, active recovery days, managing stress etc.

More does not always equal better (or fitter).

Our job is not to build grueling, soul crushing workouts. We are here to help you become HEALTHIER, so that you can feel good and move in your 90's. Not to be the best/fastest in the room.
Get back to the real reason you began and think about that before the 3,2,1, Go! Compete against yourself and your previous workout scores. Little wins daily= LONG term success for life.

Ryan King

Owner / Coach