Intensity coming back!

When coming back, there is a method to the madness.  We want you to imagine and work at approximately 40%.

Even if you have kept up with your routine, you have been doing the at-home workouts, even at home with weight...It's NOT the same!

Can you honestly say you have been pushing yourself as hard as you once did in class?

I know I haven't (and I have "you know who" next to me I’m trying to keep up with!).

COVID means new safety aspects, which we are taking seriously. It makes sense that we would want you to stay safe in all aspects of coming back.

How to come back?

1) Ego at the door.
Like we have always stated, take the ego out of the equation. Especially at a time like this, do not let the person next to you peer pressure (not verbally) you into doing something silly.

2) Cut all your weights in half, roughly.
I know I said 40% but I also know math is not everyone's strength. Take it down a notch, then take it one more. This has to do with both the strength portion and definitely the metcon.

3) Grinding through the workout?
Forget about having the top score.  This is time to work on pacing, breathing, and proper form.
Like training for a marathon...whether you have been running or not, you don't just run 26.2, you build up to it!

4) Remember what it was like when you first began?
You may be dreading that aspect of it, but you know it's coming. Good news though, it comes back quicker the second time.

Our plan over the upcoming weeks and months is to break things down into 2 week chunks.  You may not see it or feel it, but there is a plan behind the weights we layout for you, the recommendations we give, etc. 

This is Ariel's bread and butter! It’s also the perfect time to put class back in your routine.  Keep yourself consistent and accountable.  We have just seen how important your health is.

Coach Ryan

Ryan King

Owner / Coach