Learning to Fail

Wrong. Incorrect. You’re fired. Not enough. Almost there. Game Over. Try again. You’re just not the right fit. Two more attempts and you will be locked out of your computer. 

All of these are just obstacles in you’re life in.  They all give you a choice.

How you react to each opportunity will decide what type of person you want to become. Regardless of it being a small or large obstacle, the choice you make now can affect future opportunities that will impact your life ten fold.

“Well I won’t make that mistake again!” 

Some of you have said this or have heard this before. Some actually think about what it actually means to say that.  Some just say it and guess what…make that same mistake again.

Others react and go over in their head a better game plan to succeed and then fail again. Why? Why did that not work? What am I doing wrong? Do I give up or keep going?These people have it right.  Failure provides a choice and how you react to that opportunity will determine once again what type of person you want to become.

I recently had an athlete retest the 2017 CrossFit Games Open workout 17.1.  She unfortunately did not beat her score and was disappointed in her performance. She said she took a moment to think about the “why’s” and ultimately made a decision to re-evaluate her nutrition and training in order for her to perform at a higher level. She could have easily thought that CrossFit is not getting her to where she wants to be physically and given up, but instead she chose to take a higher path and learn from her mistakes in order to succeed. 

“When defeat comes, accept it as a signal that your plans are not sound, rebuild those plans, and set sail once more toward your coveted goal”  - Napoleon Hill

This can relate to anything that you do in life, whether you are preparing for a business meeting or just cooking dinner. 

I promise you, you will fail, you will become angry and then get frustrated followed by the disappointment of your performance.  But you will learn to resolve, build your confidence and end with improved action. 

I took this from Todd Duncan’s book Time Traps.“Failure, if perceived right, is the sharpest tool for whittling away our inconsistencies and inefficiencies.” 

So I challenge you, take that risk you have put off for so long, if you fail…learn.

Chris Raaymakers

Lino Lakes Manager