At home workouts: What is actually important?

This is not going to be some groundbreaking blog with all the tricks and tips to maximize your workouts at home during the Covid pandemic.

This is a reminder, a free pass if you will, to remember that it is ok that your workouts feel different.

As we are reaching out to people during this, an easy question to ask is "How have your workouts been going?".
I know I default to it sometimes.
What's more important is how you are really doing with the new stress?

We are here to check in and help with the little things, organizing the chaos. Our most recent, previous blogs, have aligned with this.

Back to the workouts!
Obviously, we all know and understand their importance.

That does not mean there are any easier to accomplish. Time, motivation, space, distraction (2 legged and 4 legged), and more!

On top of that, and the point of this post, when you do get the workout going....it just feels different doesn't it?

Slower? Everything feels heavier? Less motivated? Less excited to workout in the garage or basement by yourself!?


You are still being productive.
You are still making progress.
They are still worth doing.

Your stress level, even if well controlled, is still different and it is going to affect the workouts.

Please remember we are here to help.
Fill your coach in on what is going on, what may be bogging you down?
We may not have perfect answers, or may not have experience with the topic, but our job is to still help find answers!
We will ask people who know, search Pinterest or Google or wherever we need to provide support.

Take a deep breath, plan out your days, knock out a little here and there, still work on moving for 15min a day, we will all get through this!

Ryan King

Owner / Coach