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What to do with these darn kids!

In an ideal world we would all get eight hours of sleep, wake up rested, take our time getting ready for work (or maybe not even have to go to work), our kids would get themselves ready, we all would get in the car calmly and drive to daycare, drop off would be smooth, and you would pick them up at the end of the day after a much needed workout where you PR’d all the movements, then a healthy and nutritious meal would be waiting for you at home that you could all enjoy together!  

Well, that is certainly not what happens in my world and if I described your daily life please let me join your family!  So how can you possibly get a good workout in if you have kids and can’t get to the gym?  JUST DO IT AT HOME!!! You don’t need a ton of weights or fancy equipment to get a great workout in.  Here are a few examples that are quick, require little to no equipment, and you can even get your kids involved if you want!!!

**set a tennis ball target 3-6 inches above as tall as your hands can reach make yourself hit it on every jump**

Tabata W :20 R :10 x 8 (do each movement 8 rounds before moving onto the next movement)
-Air Squats
-Push Ups
-Alternating Lunges
-Mountain Climbers

Do you have a Kb? 
Tabata W :20 R :10 x 8 (do each movement 8 rounds before moving onto the next movement)
-Alternating Single Arm Russian Swings
-Goblet Squats
-Sumo Deadlift High Pull
-Am Kb Swing

Do you have a Db?
-Db Snatch
-Burpee over Db

Do you have a Jump Rope?
-Du's/Single Unders
-Abmats (sit ups)

Do you want to get your kids involved?
Play the pizza game...
Balance a small pillow on your hand (no squeezing it!), goal is to knock the pillow off while balancing your own. You will need some space, careful of breakables. Do 5 Burpees every time you get out!

Of course your kids are always welcome to come it in the lobby at the gym, but hey I get it sometimes that is more work than helpful.  We understand that schedules can get busy just don’t forget to make time to take care of yourself!

Sarah Achman

Coach - Duluth